Thursday, March 17, 2011

Idol Wrap-Up

Top 12

Naima – I like her, but this was not good. I don’t know what else to say about that.

Paul – First, how stinkin’ cute were his parents?! I really, really like him. It’s kind of refreshing having a singer who focuses on the softness in his voice, not the power, but at the same when he belts it out, I just love his tone!

Thia – I thought she sang really beautifully. But she comes off very jazz lounge-y to me.

James – He was born 20 years too late. If he were his age in the 80’s, he would have given all hair bands a run for their money. I could definitely tell he was sick, but he wasn’t the worst of the night, that’s for sure.

Haley – The thing I like most about Haley is her gorgeous hair, haha. That being said, I still think she’s over sings/does too much.

Stefano – When he announced what he was singing I yelled “SHUT UP” at the TV (and Ryan). One of my all time favorite songs and he KILLED IT with his cool R&B stylings. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And thank you, Fano, for not being pitchy for a single second.

Pia – Her little story about her Grandpa reminded me so much of my relationship with my Gramp. TEARS!  And I still think she is the best girl this year.

Scotty – The way he holds his mic bothers me. Beyond that, he is a good, albeit predictable, country singer.

Karen – She is a fine singer, but I am always bored.

Casey – Nirvana?? YES PLEASE!!! I love that he brought “Casey” to the song instead of trying to sing just like Kurt Cobain. He was kind of an “angry singer” with it, but I dug it. Then again, I dig Nirvana. :) And I totally agree with Randy, I LOVE that Casey is fearless with his music.

Lauren Alaina – Her sweet crying Daddy was too cute. It was really clear she wasn’t feeling well, but she still sang her little heart out.

Jacob – Another of my favorite songs. :) And I just love him…but he was kind of a hot mess this week. Parts were delicious, and parts were disastrous. 

The theme for the night was “pitchy”. Sadly, most of them were at some point. Also, props to JLo for finally being real with the contestants, and not worrying about just being sweet.


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