Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Idol Wrap-Up - It's BAAAACK!

BACK by popular demand! (And by popular I mean 4 Facebook messages...hey, I'll take it.) I kept most of them short and to the point since I am covering all of them, not just my favs.

It's American Idol Season 10...

TOP 24

Top 12 Boys:

Clint Jun Gamboa – He’s got a good voice, but the song ate him up until the end. Plus he’s a bully so I don't like him.

Jovanny Barreto – Odd song choice, a different song would have probably served him better. He has a nice voice, but it was boring.

Jordan Dorsey – He rubbed me the wrong way all through Hollywood week. I think he thinks more of himself than anyone else ever will, haha. He just hasn't ever really knocked my socks off.

Tim Halperin – At this point I was starting to lose hope. Tim didn't help. Love the song, but it was boring.

Brett Loewenstern – He gets on my nerves slightly but he’s a good singer.

James Durbin – He is so cute, his story is SO touching, and he has a really great voice…and I am SO glad he kept the lid on the screaming till the end. That will get old really fast.

Robbie Rosen – I love this kid. Another strange song choice and he was slightly pitchy, but I still think he's got the goods.

Scottie McCreedy – Some people are born into things. This kid was born into country music. I don’t think he could sing anything else though, haha. But, stick with what you’re good at…which he does. (For the record, I typed this before JLo said it. And yes, that means I take notes during Idol so I can blog it the next day. I'm cool like that.)

Stefano Langone – I’ve loved him from the moment he opened his mouth in the audition round. I think he is SO cute and so, so good.

Paul McDonald – He is just so awesome. SUPER cute with a smooth, unique sound and style. Love him!
Jacob Lusk – When he sings, I feel it deep within my soul. Yes, I know how cheesy that sounds. He reduces me tears. I don’t know what else to say.

Casey Abrams – This dude is super talented. When my brother, who loathes everything Idol, gives an Idol contestant props…he’s special. And WOW, is he special!!

All in all, I was pretty underwhelmed with the first half. If I had my way, I would have replaced the first four with Luke James, Rob Bolin, Deandre Brackensick (fast forward to :35) and Colton Dixon (fast forward to :35 again, ha!) who all got cut during the Hollywood rounds.


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