Monday, June 8, 2009

Recipes & Ryan

We had a really nice, low key weekend, so no need for a weekend wrap-up. Instead, I'll do a Ryan Wrap-up:

As most of you know, Ryan has a had a rough couple of weeks. It seems like we both keep getting slammed with stuff, but hopefully this is the last of it for a while. When we first started dating in 2002, Ryan had some stomach issues. The put him on meds, and it seemed to clear up. About 2 weeks ago, some of the symptoms started again. He was vomiting a lot, almost every day. I called his Gastroenterologist to get him an appointment, and his doc said, let's skip the visit and go straight to the tests. So, on Friday Ryan had an EGD [endoscopy] and stomach biopsy. Immediately, they found his hiatal hernias had returned, and that he may have gastritis. We will know about that by the end of the week. Hiatal hernias are very treatable, my Mom and I both have/had them. The doc also said he needs to drop some weight. Looks like we are in this together. ;)

That brings me to the recipes. I've had a handful of people ask me to post some of the recipes for healthy, and tasty, meals. Unfortunately, I don't have the calorie counts for these. Only the weight watcher points, but I assure you they are all healthy. I'll post two today, and more through out the week.

My Mom's Stir fry
This is one of my favorite meals.

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces
1 c broccoli, cut into pieces
1 c celery, chopped
1 c carrots, chopped
1 c snow peas
c baby corn
2 T corn starch
4 T low sodium soy sauce
4 T cooking sherry
2 t canola oil

We prepare this in a wok, or stir fry pan. Cook the chicken. Add in the veggies once chicken is done. Mix in the soy sauce, sherry and canola oil. Mix well and stir in corn starch. Let sauce thicken a bit. We serve this over plain white steamed rice. Serves about 6, and the stir fry itself is only 3 WW points.

Taco Ring
I've been making this for years, and I love it. My Mom requested it this week, so I'll be making it tonight. It's one of the highest points count foods I make, but it is so yummy and really satisfies my craving for comfort food.

2 packages of crescent rolls [I get the reduced fat kind]
1 lb ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning
1 can re-fried beans [can use black beans too]
1 c Mexican cheese [I use the WW Mexican cheese]
1 clove garlic, minced
1 c onion [optional. I do not use onion]
Salsa, black olives, avocado, and/or light sour cream as garnish.

Cook the ground beef. Mix in taco seasoning while cooking. Drain well. In a large bowl, mix beef, beans, garlic, cheese and onion. Mix very well. On a pizza pan, or round pan, lay out the crescent rolls so that the fattest part of the crescent is flat on the pan, connected all the way around so that it makes a circle. Scoop the mixture onto each crescent so that it also makes a connected circle. Fold the skinny part of the crescent over the mixture to "seal" it. Cook per directions on crescent package.

This serves 5-6 and is 8 WW points per serving. Below is a picture of the finished product.


Mariah said...

That taco ring looks really good! Too bad we had tacos Saturday night or I'd be making that! I'll definitely try it next week!

Ashley said...

Sorry about Ryan's stomach...that sounds so painful and frustrating! Those recipes sound delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Kinzie Sue said...

I hope that they can get everything figured out, or at least better than it is. Those recipes sound delish! Keep them coming, I always love a new recipe!

Courtney said...

Those recipes look yummy. We got a wok as a wedding present, and still haven't used it - so I may have to try your stir fry next week!

Courtney said...

Oh and I hope they figure out what's wrong w/Ryan and he feels better soon!!