Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Loving Memory of my Gramp

Last night, my sweet Gramp passed away peacefully holding my Dad's hand. I am so glad he is now at peace and no longer suffering, but selfishly I will miss him so much. Everyone mourns their grandparents passing, just as I have with my Gram, Granddaddy & Grandmommy when they passed, but Gramp and I had an extremely close and special relationship. I was "his girl", as he often called me and the note he wrote in my birthday card in July summed it all up, but that is a sentiment I will keep to myself. For now.

Although I knew this was coming and although I am still terribly sad, I am still trying my hardest to celebrate his life. Because he lived a really good life. And I find peace knowing Gramp is back with his beloved wife, my Gram.

Jack F. Silverman

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Blogger...

That was me, scolding myself for being such a bad blogger! You'd think being home so much, I'd be a bloggin' fool, but alas. So, time for a quick update. I am really enjoying working with Burb Mom although, I had a slow week this past week. BUT-today I have two phone meetings, going with Shauna [my awesome boss] to a meeting tomorrow to learn the finalization procedures, then another phone meeting on Tuesday of next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, in case anyone hasn't heard yet-which is unlikely-Ryan was laid off on Monday. It was quite a blow. They laid off 95%[!!!!!!] of the company. I'm afraid the future looks grim for them. So, now we have some BIG life decisions to make.

So, that's where we are and what we've been up to. I'll try to better at updating. :)


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do Something You Love

After I lost my job in July, people kept telling me to "find something you love, and do it". Well, the concept is great, but the execution is tough in the job market today. But, I was determined. I knew it was a risk, but I just didn't want to take the first "dead end job" that came along. Been there, done that. So, I started to make a list of the things that I love and that are important to me.
Children, Music, Family, Being a Mommy and Wife [even though I'm not a Mommy yet, its still important to me] and having some flexibility at work were at the top of the list.

Enter the amazing Shauna with BurbMom. If you read my last post, you know a little bit about the site. I have joined the team to work Sales and Marketing, mostly to help them sell more ad space to local businesses. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting the other two founders/owners, but if they are friends of Shauna, they must be great. Anyway, I do this job out of my home [although Shauna's home is the HQ] and then of course I will go to places of business as well. I think its going to be an amazing ride, and I am so excited to be involved with this wonderful site that meets so many of my "do something you love" needs.

Of course, paying the bills is important too, so as I build up a client base and start selling some ad deals for BurbMom, my cousin has hired me on with some temporary work [also mostly from home] and I am working a few hours a week at Rock Pointe Church providing childcare.

For your enjoyment [or laughter] here I am working from home...yes that is a blue tooth in my ear. I love it. Get off me. ;)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I worked at Rock Pointe Church again this morning. Last Wednesday, I was in the nursery with the babies. Today, I was in a classroom with 6 & 7 year-olds! [Quite a different bunch, to say the least!] But the teacher, Shauna, was so much fun. As we were chatting while the kids were playing on the playground, she mentioned a website she started/runs. It's called BurbMom. I poked around when I got home, and it is a really neat site! Essentially, it is full of reviews from Moms in the area as well as advertisements from local businesses that BurbMom gives their 'seal of approval'.

Since Ryan & I are rapidly approaching the time in our lives when we are growing more and more ready to start a family, I love sites like these. So, for all of you who are already Moms - check it out!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

LONG Overdue Update

Its been weeks since my last blog. I don't have much to update...still looking for a job, Ryan is still out of town every Monday-Friday, Gramp is still slowly declining. BUT we have found an apartment that we both love so that when I DO get a job, we can move back in to our own place soon after. [That was me trying to look on the bright side. ;) ] I'll update again when I have more to update about!