Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I officially suck. I haven't blogged in over a week!! Oops!!! Work has been a nightmare and by the time I get home, I don't feel like sitting in front of a computer.

Not too much new around here anyway. Ryan is traveling. Again. And will be all week, every week from now until mid-July. [Insert a very sarcastic "Yay" here.] We ate like crap this weekend, so I only lost 1 lb. Shame on me. I know better.

Speaking of food...here are two more recipes I love and thought I'd share.

Cheesy Broiled Fish [This one is a crowd pleaser in my family]
2 lbs orange roughy [adjust for # of people you are serving]
2 T lemon juice
4 oz Parmesan cheese, grated
1/4 c butter
3 T light mayo [I sometimes only use 2 T because I don't love an over-mayonnaisey taste]
2 small scallions, chopped

Broil the fish until almost completely cooked. Meanwhile, mix all other ingredients. Pull out and spread mixture on top, broil for 5 more minutes until melted. We usually serve this with one or two veggie side dishes. Enjoy!
This serves about 6 and is 7 WW points.

Rachel's Favorite Pancakes [Really this is our family's favorite pancakes. Growing up my Dad made these every Saturday morning. Frankie & I loved to help. Now we make them. They are also the only pancake Ryan likes.]
1 1/4 c flour
3 T sugar
1 tsp salt
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
1 1/4 c milk
1 egg
3 T butter, melted

Sift together dry ingredients. In a large mixing bowl, combine dry with milk and egg. Slowly incorporate melted butter. Cook on a griddle between 350-375*. When the wet surface is covered with little bubbles, its time to flip! [A note, I start with 1 c milk and add the extra 1/4c in to the batter as needed. Ryan likes thin pancakes, so I use all 1 1/4c when he will be eating them.] I dare you to not fall in love with these!
This makes approximately 14 pancakes, depending on how big you make them. We use a ladle to measure the amount of batter that goes down. They are 2 WW points per pancake [without syrup]. I love them plain or I like to top mine with 1 T of reduced fat peanut butter if I don't want to use points on syrup. Mmmm...makes me hungry just thinking about it!

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Jamie said...

you shouldn't say you 'only' lost 1 pound...you should say...i am awesome and lost 1 pound! yay!!! : )