Thursday, March 10, 2011

Idol Wrap-Up

Last night was the Top 13 - & Here are my thoughts.

Lauren Alaina – The song did NOTHING for her vocally. I still think she is a great singer, but last night was VERY forgettable.

Casey Abrams – Holy goodness!!!!! I LOVE this guy and this song was KILLER. He is THE most talented guy this year. Period.

Ashton James - I guess I’m watching a different girl than Jimmy, because I thought she was just okay. In fact, I usually just think she is okay. The end was definitely better than the beginning. Maybe she kills in rehearsal and then gets nervous on stage?

Paul McDonald – Ryan Adams is one of the greatest songwriters EVER, so the fact that Paul picked him was AWESOME. And he picked one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs. I really like Paul. I think he is SO different and has such a unique way of doing his craft. He is definitely more Indie (which means I am a huge fan) but I worry “America” won’t get it.

Pia Toscano – I won't lie, it bugged me that she thought her song was a Celine original (it was first done by Eric Carmen in 1975) but DANG can Pia sing! I love her voice…I think she is spectacular.

James Durbin – I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s personal “Idol”. I found it interesting that James picked Paul McCartney, seeing as he kind of comes across as a 80’s hair band rocker. But THIS made me love him so much more. He did a beautiful job with the song…and you got to see what a wonderful voice he has.

Haley Reinhart - Sorry, I am just not a fan, regardless of her flawless palate flips. She does too much (growls, runs, palate flips, etc) and I start to become annoyed.

Jacob Lusk – Jacob is great. First, he picked “I Believe I Can Fly” from Space Jam. Second, he opens his mouth, haha. I will say, sometimes I think he over does it and I wish he would just hold a single note instead of running all over the place, but that's only sometimes.
Thia Megia – I liked the first half much better… when she picked up the tempo, she had some trouble settling into a few of her notes and in her case, I feel like 15 is too young for AI.

Stefano Longone – He picked a great Idol, really fits his style. And he did such an great job and the arrangement was SO cool. I love his smooth runs when he hits those money notes. “THIS DUDE!” is what I kept saying during his performance, haha.

Karen Rodriguez – It was just okay for me. It was rocky and predictable in my opinion. If she went home tonight, I'd totally live.

Scotty McCreery – Well, I do love Garth Brooks AND the Garth song he went with. Buuuut I was iffy about this. He slid into every note at first. The second half got better and he is still a huge potential country music star...I just don't think he is anything special. Sorry!

Naima Adedapo – I really dug this, even though she lost her breath a little in the middle. And I don’t there has ever been an Idol break into dance on stage! It was super fun and showed how versatile she is.

So...who did I vote for? A lot of people - Casey, Paul, James, Stefano, and Naima...and I threw in a few votes for Pia and Jacob.


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