Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snowpocalypse - Part II

Well,  the sun is out this morning and the temps are starting to creep closer and closer to the above freezing mark. It will be nice to be able to get out into the world safetly today!

I know my friends and family up north laugh at us, here in Dallas, as waves of panic sweep the city, but lets be honest here. Texas just isn't prepared for this kind of winter weather! We don't have snow tires, snow blowers or nearly enough sand trucks to handle ourselves when ice and snow clouds take over our skies. So, we lock ourselves inside and wait it out...venturing onto the roads only if completely necessary.

I'm a rare breed here in the Lonestar state. I loathe the heat and count the days for Spring, Fall and, mostly, WINTER! That being said, icy roads don't bode well for me. I panic. I'll admit it. But boy do I love when the ground is covered in white. It's just so pretty!

Monday night we got hit hard with a thick layer of ice coating this fine metropolis. The news stations all sang the same song - STAY HOME. So, both my boss and Ryan's boss closed the offices and we stayed put. Conditions were still icy, but more drivable, Wednesday and Thursday so back to work I went. Then, Thursday night, we got hit by another storm, this time snow. It was so beautiful, but apparently snow on top of unmelted ice equals danger. This time the news stations called it "the worst we've seen" and again, our offices thankfully closed. So, we stayed put. Again. Here are a few pictures I snapped of our conditions:

Day One, while I know it looks like snow, this was SOLID ICE. 

 Day One, another shot of the ice.  

 Day Four, snow covered ice

 The snow was about 4" deep where we were, only a few miles away got as much as 6"

 Ophelia (my Jetta) covered in snow and ice
No way I was going anywhere. My tired were all inches deep in the snow/ice mixture.

A few hours into our fourth day of Snowpocalypse, Brittany decided that since she was only a mile or so down the road, she was going to brave it and head over to Kim's apartment. Lucky for us, Kim & Jason live in the same complex, just one building over. So, when Brittany arrived, Ryan & I just walked over. Soon, Kim & Jason's apartment was brimming over with our friends and we made a whole day of it. (And I do mean a whole day...they hosted us for pushing 12 hours!)
 We spent some time outside enjoying the snow. Kim and Brad thought it would be fun to try and walk on the frozen canal...except it was only frozen on the surface. No one was harmed in the taking of this picture.

So, in summary, Snowpocalypse may have made driving conditions extremely hazardous, but it made friendship conditions improve. :) 



Anonymous said...

You should be a writer my dear! Love, Mom

Ash said...

So glad you guys made snowcones out of snow - how fun with your friends!! Wasn't it a gorgeous day Saturday? Sat on the back porch and listened to the dripping and the birds. For only a minute of course, the boys are stir crazy :)

Just watched the weather for the week - snow all day Wednesday. Wish I were kidding.