Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I haven't blogged in over a week, but with good reason. Tuesday while heading home from work, I started really not feeling well. I ate very little dinner, and went to bed early, only to wake up a few hours later - sick. I won't share the graphic details but, it was violent. I ran a high fever all night and most of Wednesday. I was still sick Thursday. I planned to go back to work Friday, but I woke up Friday morning with excruciating pain in my left, lower abdomen. After an hour of back and forth, my Mom over-ruled me and said "We are going to the ER." Her first thought was appendix. [FYI - we learned the appendix is on the right side.] I spent upwards of 8 hours in the ER Friday. After blood tests, scans, ultrasounds the doctor came back in to inform us that I'd had an ovarian cyst burst and cause some bleeding in my abdomen. He said it was very likely that is what was making me so sick, but I could have also just had "bad timing" and had a stomach bug and the cyst burst at the same time. No way to know for sure. So, they pumped me full of as much morphine as I could handle, wrote me a prescription for more pain killers and sent me home. I had to take the pain killers the rest of Friday and all day Saturday. By Sunday the pain was gone but I still felt so drained. I sat outside in the sun for an hour or so, hoping that would help. Monday, at little better but still just no energy. Same story yesterday. Today, I am really starting to feel better. I know Ryan was really disappointed that our 3 day weekend we had been so looking forward to was spend mostly on the couch or in bed. But - at least its a short week!

In other news, WW is going well. I lost 5 lbs that first week then none the second. When they weighed me at the ER I'd lost 7 lbs [yes, SEVEN] last week, but my Mom and I decided it was because I didn't eat for 3 days. Once I started eating again, I gained 3 lbs practically over night, so my total loss for last week was 4 lbs. That's 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Not too shabby. I'm finding more and more I can eat and will start posting the good recipes/meals soon. Although, I have days where I think "Do I really want to be skinny?" because all I want to do is eat fast food and dessert. Dessert is the hardest to resist. Of course, the answer to that question is always "Yes." And really, its less about skinny and more about healthy. But, I'll take skinny too.


Mariah said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Rachel!

Congrats on the weight loss!!! (Even if some of it is because you were sick!)

Kinzie Sue said...

Wow- that's kinda what happened to me in high school. I went in with pain, but mine ended up being appendicitis but they also discovered two large ovarian cysts. Crazy little buggers! Congrats on your weight loss, that's amazing. You are definately more strong willed than I could be- way to go!!

Stephanie said...

Post recipes! I would love to try some. Try to feel beter:)

Kelli said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better! And congrats on the weight loss. I also struggle with the temptations of dessert and fast food. I have to keep telling myself that nothing will ever taste as good as being thin feels.

Rachel said...

Kelli - I LOVE this: "I have to keep telling myself that nothing will ever taste as good as being thin feels." I'm keeping it ;)

Thanks girls for all your sweet comments and STEPH - I will post some recipes this weekend!