Friday, November 14, 2008

A Magic Moment Events & Floral Design

Happy Friday all!!! I, for one, am SO glad it's here!!

So, I still have wedding on the brain, particularly my florist and cake baker. But, I just got an email from my florist, A Magic Moment Events & Floral Design, that really made my day! I'll get into the email in a second.

From the "Magic Moment" I met Tami, the owner, I knew she was my 'perfect flower fit'. She really got me and my ideas. Plus, her shop was decorated in Black, White & Pink. My wedding colors! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see my flowers and the girl did not disappoint!!! Everything was more beautiful and vibrant than I could ever have imagined!!! So many people commented on how gorgeous the flowers were, and now I am a total referral freak! If I even hear someone mention the word "florist" I jump on the chance to tell them about Tami!!

OK - on to the email. So, I get an email from her thanking ME for the chance to do my wedding!! Amazing!! Then she said to check out her blog...and there was a piece about my wedding!!! Made.My.Day!!! Here it is:

Anyway, Thank YOU Tami for helping to make my wedding day perfect!!

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