Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, we took Chloe over to my Mom's tonight to see if all the kitties would get along and it went WAY better than I expected!! They did a lot of growling and a little hissing at first but Chloe relaxed very quickly and fell asleep on my Mom's couch! My Mom's cats were a bit more unsure but started to warm up slightly after a few hours. I think they will adapt and acclimate to each other just fine after a few days. So - the decision is final. We turned in our 60 day notice to the apartments and the last weekend in April, we are moving in with my Mom. I feel really good about this decision because we are helping her out, and it will help us out too.

On a "cutie Chloe" note - On the ride home from my Mom's Chloe was meowing and meowing in her crate so I let her out [I'm so bad, I know] and she hopped up in my lap and stared out the window the rest of the ride home! She is such a dog-cat.

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Courtney said...

Aww - so glad to hear it was a success! I used to let my kitty Jasmine ride in my lap all the time. She's such a good car-cat. But the guilt of knowing I was putting her in danger finally took over, and now she rides in the crate. :(